Ulster Carpets

Hugh Mackay carpets have been making premium quality Axminster and tufted carpets for more than 100 years. The story begins in Durham in 1903, when Hugh Mackay installed eleven looms in a disused carpet factory to keep carpet making alive in Durham. His son joined the business, which then became known as Mackays of Durham. They began producing Wilton carpets, then came their famous Durham Twist tufted carpet, with Axminster carpets joining their collection in 1935. No home was complete without a Durham carpet!

In 1970, they moved from their factory beside the River Wear to a much bigger site in Dragonville, adding extra looms to ramp up the production of Axminster carpets. The growth in the business saw them awarded the Royal Warrant in 1972. As well as supplying carpets to the Royal Households, Windsor Castle, and the Houses of Parliament, you can find a Hugh Mackay carpet decking out prestigious cruise ships such as the QE1 and the QE2, and gracing the floors of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. In 2008, they became part of the Whitestone Weavers group of flooring manufacturers and relocated to their current site in Hartlepool, but continue to drive forward with their heritage and the Hugh Mackay name. In addition to their Axminster, Wilton and tufted carpets, Hugh Mackay also supply beautiful handmade carpets woven from 100% wool on a hand loom, as well as their HassleFree carpets, which include a Lifetime Stainfree warranty.

Ulster Carpets

Ulster Carpets have long held a reputation for the highest quality and most luxurious carpets in the market place. Over the years, Ulster has vowed to uphold this reputation by focusing on design, innovation and the pursuit of excellence. Although a global player in the world of carpet, the business remains family owned and generations of skilled local craftsmen and women have proudly woven Ulster carpet at the original Castleisland site in County Armagh.

Every part of the manufacturing process is managed within the UK, from the processing of the wool at Ulster Yarns (Dewsbury), through to dyeing, weaving and finishing at Castleisland. This level of control results in the unrivalled quality of an Ulster Carpet.

Lano SmartStrand

SmartStrand by Lano is a revolutionary yarn within the X range that is the culmination of decades of research in conjunction with Mohawk and Du Pont aimed at developing a luxurious carpet fabric that is both resilient, stain resistant, Eco-friendly and soft

SmartStrand fibres utilise a closed cellular structure, making it impossible for any kind of fluid or liquid to be absorbed by the yarn. This inherent property gives permanent stain resistance which does not reduce over time, allowing SmartStrand to be the only type of carpet on the market to boast stain and soil resistant throughout its entire lifespan.

If something nasty gets spilled on your carpet, in most cases the soiling substances can be washed off with pure water. Depending on the nature and intensity of the culprit, a mild common household detergent can be used to remove the residue. All SmartStrand carpets are bleach resistant with a 1:10 ratio.

Alternative Flooring

Alternative Flooring is one of the leading modern designer led flooring brand. Alternative are passionate about innovation and creativity and mix new and inspiring designs with authentic natural classics. They bring a modern mix of award-winning natural fibre and wool collections, exploring textures and colours in their carpets and rugs. All Alternative Flooring products are made with ethically and sustainably sourced materials to ensure the integrity of their brand.

Adam Carpets

A Kidderminster institution for over 80 years, Adam carpets are built using the best quality British wool blended into a stylish wool twist. Offering both sensible and elegant design from the simple Castlemead Twist to the iconic Inspirations range, Adams provide high standard products with the affordability of choice for your lounge, hall, stairs and landing for all luxury houses. These carpets come in a variety of hues and variations and add personality to your space like no other. In the carpet making business for more than eight decades, Adam Carpets offer nothing but the best quality carpets.


Brintons have been producing the highest quality woven Axminster and Wilton carpets since 1783. Priding themselves on their great reputation and expert knowledge they understand that carpet is not a purchase made lightly, working hard to make sure you get the very best for your money.

When you invest in a Brintons carpet, you will become the owner of a carpet you can be proud of – practical and hardwearing, as well as beautiful, it is sure to look great for years to come. They develop all of their designs and colours in their own studios, controlling the manufacturing process from start to finish: After selecting only the best fleeces, they spin and dye yarn to their stringent specifications, mixing together wool with nylon to create the special Brintons blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon, guaranteeing a carpet that is both soft and strong.

Cormar Carpets

Throughout the last 50 years Cormar has placed great emphasis on quality, service and reliability. In fact, such is the esteem in which the company is held, that it has been voted ‘Floor Covering Supplier of the Year’ for the last five years by readers of the flooring trade magazine, as well as winning many independent retailer awards.

While most carpet sold in Britain today is imported from the continent, Cormar continues to manufacture carpet at its two mills in Lancashire, working with suppliers and partners to source quality raw materials and with leading trade organisations such as Carpet Recycling UK to ensure sustainable manufacture. There is no better combination of quality, value and choice than a Cormar carpet. A comprehensive range of plain and heather wool twist piles, textured loop piles and easy clean polypropylene carpets are all manufactured on site at the two mills.